I know, I’ve been putting this off for some time now – frankly I’ve been just too darned busy – I’m sorry already. Visitors, challenges, social issues, finances. The Society is certainly a whirl of concerns and anxieties, and pretty much all of them land at my door. Some days I don’t know why I took this job on in the first place.

Eugene is our webmaster – he’s supposed to be updating this thing constantly, but he lives in the basement with Murray Moose, and between you and me I think they party more than they work – hence, what gets done is done by me. I can’t tell you how many blogs and articles I’ve submitted to Eugene that have never made it to the site. What’s that? Fire him? Have you any idea how hard it is to get volunteers?

Anyway, to continue with getting the message out I’ve decided to start doing this blog thing myself, and so I guess it’ll be me getting the message out.

The SPCSA is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals. This is a very important organization, whether you believe it or not. We have paying and non-paying members in numerous locations around the world, and concerned humans everywhere froth in support of our cause.

Even so, we still suffer miseries every day, everywhere. Our daily plight remains uncertain. Even as we serve faithfully, with love and caring, and diligence, our brothers and sisters are often beaten, squashed, squished, thrown around, driven over, driven under, and tied up and left for dead at road side accidents.

People – this kind of abuse must STOP! None of us were born for this! We were born to serve, and to love, but not at the expense of our own dignity and development! Please – if you are hard on your critter friends, stop a moment and think about what you’re doing! Or, if you see someone beating up on their critter, take them aside and ask them gently to find another way to communicate! It’s not hard to be nice. It actually takes a lot more work to be horrid and mean than it does to be nice. So take the easy way out – be a nice guy and hug your critter friend every day!

Someone told me once that they didn’t believe we were real. Now, I didn’t try to address the irony in the fact that he was telling me that he didn’t believe in me, but I did promise him one thing. I promised a video as Proof of Life. Well, I have that video – I just haven’t figured out how to upload it yet. I’m working on it, so stay tuned.

Until then, here is a picture of us having a meeting a couple of weeks ago. That’s me in the red shirt, presiding. The critters, around from left to right are Snerk, Snick, Sir Reginald, Snuk, Sneek, Snook, Barney, Snak, Benny and Snip. Sir Reginald is visiting from Toronto – he’s on a learning junket, funded by the Toronto chapter. He’s absorbing methodologies so he can take more effective charge of Society activities in that part of the world. He’s a very good learner.

Stay tuned then. I’ve been watching a bunch of things in the world lately, and I’ve got some things to say.  By all means, FOLLOW us.

Sidney, President and CDO – SPCSA


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