So, what did you think of that? Pretty cool, huh?

Kindness. That’s what we’re all about. We critters thrive on kindness and closeness, and – aw, let’s get mushy – love! We have love to spare, and no anger or hatred whatsoever. Of course we’re not all gifted with tremendous good looks like me, but we do our best.

Typing my blog

My name is Sidney Puddin. I’m from the Arizona Puddins – I’m not sure how many brothers and sisters I have – I honestly haven’t seen any of them since early 2004. UJ and I met at the Phoenix Sky Harbour, and we just instantly hit it off. We went and had a beer and I said – “what the hey!” and bought a plane ticket to Calgary, where we both still live. Just one of those things. I had no trouble getting through Customs, probably because I had my Pawsport with me. All good and legal.The Society wasn’t formed until 2008, although there was an ad hoc movement afoot even before that. The Society, when it came to be, resulted from a TV commercial I saw for some kind of windshield protectant, in which literally hundreds of critters were very badly abused – supposedly in the name of humour. Well, I saw nothing funny about it, and immediately fired off a reprimand to the makers of that product. I told them off, and once all the critters saw what I’d done they decided a formal society would be a good idea. And so the SPCSA was born.

Since then we’ve helped countless critters achieve a better life, and the work continues to this day.

Anyway, it’s time for me to retire for the night, so we’ll add to this again soon.



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