Today I’m sitting in the kitchen, preparing to address the many chores on my list. I have a meeting scheduled later today with the basement critters, who seem to have some sort of grievance with the level of lighting in their area. Now I know that they deserve the best when it comes to ambience, but they also must realize that we are working within a tight budget. It promises to be a tough negotiation, but I’m confident they will see reason in the end. We are ultimately a very wise bunch, we critters.

The meeting

The weather here was delightful yesterday morning, but it rained in the afternoon. Then in the evening it cleared out again just in time for the opening of the new mall extension over at Chinook. Now, I must admit that I was some annoyed not to have been invited, especially as I am President of this Organization, but at least UJ was invited and I know I can always count on him to keep an eye out for our interests. When he got home he told me that he saw and met dozens of critters from other chapters, and that they reported being well looked after. They credited the society with this fact, and Uncy Jay said that they all sent their best wishes and thanks. This is, of course, the message I will pass along to thebasement critters later on today.

Anyway I must go. I will try to get back in touch after the meeting.



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