Uncy Jay

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Belief, Believe, Hugs, Joy, Joy of Life, Laughter, Learn, Life, Love

I’m worried about Uncy Jay. He’s having a tough time with his job search, and he can’t figure out why. “Sidney,” he says, “I did my job well, and I did it for a long time.” He hasn’t really voiced this overtly, but I think that he’s worried someone is bad-mouthing him. He calls it “sent to Coventry”. That would, of course, be very unpleasant – not because I know where Coventry is or have anything against it myself – but because I know how hard Uncy Jay has worked – certainly for as long as I’ve known him. I hope he finds a job soon that he likes.

So much work to be done.

There is no end of paperwork for the president of a large organization like this.

There was some excitement around here the other day – we leaders got to go to a car show with Big Babs – that’s Jay’s big, old car. We love those shows. Not only do we get to spot all the way there and back, but we get to look after Babs all day, too. Babs doesn’t get out very much – not like Cindy. She says that she’s an old lady and needs a lot of time to recover between trips. She’s part of the Buick family, of the Michigan Buickses, and she’s 43 years old this year, which is – what – 99 in car years? She’s proud that she’s made it this far, and that she can still certainly “cut a rug” and turn a head, and all without any kind of plastic surgery.But she’s never more happy than on show day – when thousands and thousands of people get together to hover around and say “Ooh, look at the nice car!” She enjoys sitting all day, proudly listening to all the nice comments, with Uncy Jay looking on, and with us inside, standing guard. Of course, Uncy Jay always gives us a part in the show: this time he had us reading from the original manual so that everyone would notice it. And they did, and we had fun. He said there would be a test, but of course there wasn’t. He’s funny that way.

And of course when we got home we had to tell all the other critters all about it, so it was fun to re-live it, too. Anyway, that was the last show of the year for Babs – which is a bummer because it was also only her second time out (she spent quite a lot of time in the hospital this year, for one thing and another – but that’s for another day).

Anyway, UJ says he’s going to do some writing today. Perhaps he’ll let me help!

More later. Now that I’ve found his mobile thingy, it’ll be easier to do this.



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