Alright, what can I say? I took the day off from my blog. Actually, it’s not really as simple as that – UJ had us out on the road with him to do some spotting – a quick trip to Okotoks. A nice guy, our UJ, and just now there seems to be something of a twinkle in his eye… Hmm, he doesn’t even tell me everything, so I guess we’ll just have wait to find out what’s going on with him.

This morning we’re out and about again, on a very important chore. UJ’s at home, writing, and he asked us to take the car to go and look in all the supermarkets for good deals on Em’s favourite coffee. So far we have ten cans of the stuff – Belgian Hazelnut – and a rain check for ten more. UJ gave us his credit card, of course, but you’d be amazed at how difficul it is for us to actually make a purchase. I mean, isn’t my pawprint as good as the next man’s?

The story is coming along well. It’s at the point where the actual rescue is about to begin. The groundwork, structurally speaking, is laid, and we’re going to get to the proverbial meat of it. Looking forward to the finished project.

Flames Fan

Uncy Jay made a mean Lasagne yesterday – from scratch. He had this weird-looking white stuff in a bowl and he was mixing stuff into it – an egg, herbs and so on – and I asked him what he was making. It was interesting to watch. Of course, I’m not much of a cook myself – it’s hard to stir when you have no thumbs, and I keep getting food caught up in my fur.

Anyway, I’ve picked up as much coffee as I can and have stopped at Starbucks for a beverage. Uncy Jay introduced me to Caramel Macchiattos a while back and I’m sure glad he did!Tomorrow night is the fifth-last game of the regular season for my hockey team – the Calgary Flames – hey, check out my favourite shirt! I am a FAN! And I like Harvey, too – delightfully irreverent. Not too many folks giving them a chance to make the playoffs this year, but I believe, and then I think they’ll be something of a surprise. Go Flames!

A dark, dank, overcast morning . Just me here with my sunglasses and my beverage.

I wonder how Uncy Jay is getting on at home?



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