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We have so much to do at the Society today. For one, our books are being audited and today is information provision day. I’ve had Rolfe and Rufus on collection and collation and I believe they’re just about ready. Actually, it’s 8am and I see them over there on the floor with the paperwork, looking very pleased with themselves.


I also need to talk to the director downstairs about putting the movie crew on hiatus. Frankly, they’ve been working on one scene from L’Our Brun for so long now that they’ve depleted a large percentage of our funds, and as President and Chief Dogsecutive Officer of the SPCSA at some point I have to put my paw down. Besides, I’ve had a request from UJ to use their camera for another project and when UJ needs something it really is hard for me to say no – and I don’t just mean because he’s bigger than me. Perhaps I’ll offer to rent it to him.

Of course, taking the camera from them means I’ll have to figure out something else for the basement crowd to do. I do have a notion that they could turn the movie into a stage play – which would continue to leverage their artistic talents, give them cause to rehearse, and generally keep them interested in stuff.

We’re also planning a new membership drive. If your critter would like to join the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals, have them send me an Email. We’re always interested in forming new Chapters.

Alright, breakfast is done, now it’s time to move on with the day. Please do enjoy yours.



Not much sunshine around here just at the moment, nosiree, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. We critters are a lot like you – we need sunshine in varying doses to keep our coats healthy. But not too much! If we get too much we just tend to fade, and that’s not a good thing.

20120415-094649.jpgSnerk, Snick and I get as much sunshine as any in our Society – after all, we get to go spotting and we go to car shows and so on. Sometimes we even manage to work our way out into the back yard to lounge around on a nice summer day. Those are the best, helping UJ read or putter in the flower pots, and getting our vitaminic doses into the bargain.

Snerky enjoys the outdoors very much, but he gets a little nervous too. Being so small he doesn’t like it much when the crows fly over, and he even trembles when they sit on the roof of the garage, or on a nearby branch, just staring at him, hungrily, lasciviously, like he was some kind of snack. I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen Snerky, too, sidling closer to UJ to help him read his book. It’s funny to watch. Snerky just poked me in my arm – he doesn’t think it’s funny.

Anyway, with snow in the air there won’t be any concern with crows today. Instead we’ll be helping UJ with his exam preparation – just as soon as he can bring himself to stop procrastinating.

Boy oh boy, have we ever been busy lately! It’s amazing we can find the time to get stuff done, but somehow we do.

For the past several weeks we’ve been holding daily meetings to discuss items of critical Society business. We’ve also made time for movie-watching, Flames-cheering, and of course supporting UM and UJ in their endeavors.

20120407-230409.jpgNow there are rumors of a break, once UM gets over his treatments, which usually means a road trip, which of course means a lot of spotting. I thought I heard UJ talk about a place called Vancouver – I haven’t been there before. It certainly could be interesting. We might be a little rusty at the spotting – it’s been quite a while since we had to spot for any more than an hour or so. But we’re always ready, and I confess: I’m quite excited at the prospect.


Tell us what you think!

Do you look after your critter friends?


Are you following my twittering? Look for @SidneyPrez; I used to think, “Who cares?” but you know it’s actually quite addicting. Anyway, Snerkie’s very pleased with himself today. UM happened to let slip the other day that he needs a stapler because his old one jams up so often. Well, Snerkie went immediately to Costco and, with his own money, bought a nice little rig that’s supposed to go effortlessly through 25 pages with the push of only one finger. He says he would have tried it to make sure, but it’s in its hard plastic bubble thing so he just has to admire it from the outside. He’ll see it when UM opens it up. He’s so excitable – he was to be seen, yesterday afternoon, running all over the house, giggling his little head off! He’s fun to watch when he gets like that. That’s what Christmas is all about – happiness in generosity.UJ has gone Christmas shopping today. He’s got to buy for AM in Toronto, and AD and UL in Newmarket. He’s already bought UM his present – ixnay, ixnay!

He’s torn about the employment thing right now, too. The insurance industry doesn’t seem to want him anymore – for what reason he cannot guess – and it’s really bothering him. He says all he ever did as an adjuster was work hard, work honestly, work earnestly, being diligent and caring for both his customers and his employers. Of course, he didn’t get along with absolutely everyone, but then, who the heck does? He’s trying not to be paranoid, but he believes that someone’s standing in his way – giving him a bad rap, as they so colloquially say. So the torn part is – does he keep banging his head against the wall, keep facing rejection in the insurance world, keep having bad days because of someone else’s half-formed opinions, or just say “oh, fubar”, and move on to something else? And if the answer is the second thing, then move on to what?

So you see, he’s conflicted. He told me the other day – he looked me right in the eye and said: “You know, Tidney [that’s what he calls me when he’s feeling maudlin], if I have adjusted my last claim because of other people’s designs, well, I can look back with pride on a solid 23 years of service to the industry and to the public.” And he’s right – what an excellent way to look at it!

So now I think his plan is to take some time, relax (he still has that Arizona trip booked for January – it was booked and paid for before he got laid off), then either start something on his own when he gets back, cutting his losses, or go into retail to learn the ropes. He still has in mind to open a store of some kind and says he would do so in a heartbeat if he won the lottery.

The universe will open again to him, I’m sure. He’s always been good to us and I think he deserves a break.

And that reminds me – I must remember to audit his very kind donation. Things have just been SO busy lately!

Anyway, my caramel macchiatto is finished. Time to sign off.



That’s the thing, isn’t it? Keep trying. UJ is teaching me that – little by little. He’s teaching me that it’s all worthwhile, that there are seldom simple solutions to anything, and that if you truly do want something then it’s worth going after. Valuable lessons.

UJ had another interview yesterday – for an opportunity that only arose on Monday. He says it went quite well – at least he feels good about it. Whether that translates into an offer or not remains to be seen, but he is very much at peace with how he did. He must have been at least somewhat okay, because apparently the interview lasted a whole hour-and-a-half, and ended with the phrase (from the interviewer) “I thoroughly enjoyed our chat.” So, here’s hoping that there’s a good outcome this time. I have instructed all Society members to cross their paws in hopes that UJ finds a good spot once again. He deserves it.

Starbucks is something of a kindergarten today, with all the Mommies taking the day for Remembrance, and not being able to leave the juniors at home. UJ went to show his car to a body shop this morning, (nothing major and not recent) and left me here to write my blog. He’s so considerate: he knows I’m behind a bit, so he gives me the opportunity to get caught up in a nice atmosphere. Of course, with all the juniors around – chirps, squeaks and dribbles – it’s not as quiet as usual, but it’s still nice. He bought me a bevvy before heading out – very nice, though the first sip almost burned my lips!

Happy to Be Here

A nice day today. Cool, but sunny. I maintain we’re two months behind in our weather this year. It’s been a weird year – or have I said that before?Society news? The main group is still good – strong. Snerky seems somewhat insecure, though, these days – always jumping up and down like a loony whenever UM gets home from work. Jeez, you’d think he had been away for six months! Eugene tells me he’s considering a website re-vamp… I tell him an update would be sufficient, since it hasn’t been touched in a very long time. In his defence, he was sick for a while – always tired and run-down. Now he’s like the Energizer Bunny! Ida Bear is about to bring out the latest numbers – she’s been conducting an audit for the past few weeks. The Bwossom story thing got put on hold – creative block or something and UJ – who helps us with those things – apparently had to apply his concentrations elsewhere. There’s new talk about another movie attempt – nothing complicated, just a little thing. We’ll see. I’ve put that in the hands of Snerk – the star and Director. Ida Bear’s impending announcement may affect whether there can be such projects in the future or not; clearly, Snerk’s hoping for good news. There’s a rumour going around that a couple of the critters are becoming something of an item – I don’t know the details, I’m afraid, but I’ll keep my ears to the ground. Aside from all that, life is going on pretty much as usual.I’d like to honour Remembrance Day today by casting a warm, grateful glow in the direction of all critters, large and small, who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom, and in defence of the simple lives we all hold so dear.

I’m very grateful for all my blessings.


Well, the news isn’t good from UJ’s job search. The latest interview went well, but another rejection. I can see that he’s finding it all hard to deal with. He’s trying to stay focussed, and driven, but it’s clearly very difficult for him.

He’s been trying to think of a job he can do for himself with good chance of success but no start-up costs. The inventory thing has possibilities, but he’s afraid to mess up and fail. He can shovel snow and pick up leaves with the best of them, but let’s face it, he’s not a young man anymore, and he’s not particularly keen on the back-breaking physical labour all the time. He is best-suited for starting and running a store, and that’s what he really, really wants to do, but that’s out because he just can’t afford it. So what does he do?

I wish I could do more, but all I can really do is be there for him. So that’s where I’ll be.