Well, the news isn’t good from UJ’s job search. The latest interview went well, but another rejection. I can see that he’s finding it all hard to deal with. He’s trying to stay focussed, and driven, but it’s clearly very difficult for him.

He’s been trying to think of a job he can do for himself with good chance of success but no start-up costs. The inventory thing has possibilities, but he’s afraid to mess up and fail. He can shovel snow and pick up leaves with the best of them, but let’s face it, he’s not a young man anymore, and he’s not particularly keen on the back-breaking physical labour all the time. He is best-suited for starting and running a store, and that’s what he really, really wants to do, but that’s out because he just can’t afford it. So what does he do?

I wish I could do more, but all I can really do is be there for him. So that’s where I’ll be.



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