That’s me – Cool Sidney

Here we are, just a-goin’ along on the highway to Edmonton, checkin’ out the farmers, a-combinin’ in their fields, admirin’ that big ol’ blue sky that’s a-coverin’ us and a-sharin’ its a – oh, boy, hold on while I remove this bit of hay from my mouth!No, it’s nice. Nice weather, nice car ride, Snerk and Snick keeping us safe – spottin’ like a couple of banshees! UM has finally broken the GPS out of its box, but only because UJ did the updates. It seems to be working fine.I was talking to UJ earlier this morning. He’s confused about things, and doesn’t understand why his career appears to be evaporating on him. He can’t figure it out. Well, I put my paw on his shoulder and said: “Don’t worry, UJ, it will all work out in the end.” And he replied “I know, of course it will – but when will that be?”

Of course, I have no answer to that question; all I can do is encourage and support.

So I do.



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