Boy, it just doesn’t stop! I’ve never been as busy as I am now. Between Society stuff, helping UJ with his Haunted House project, and trying to help him get a job, I’ve been really, really busy.

The hardest part is keeping UJ focussed. Believe it or not, he’s kind of distracted by everything that’s going on, and he just as distracted by what’s not happening. That seems contradictory, but it’s not. He has had a few days lately when he just couldn’t get in gear – no energy at all. This past Monday he just sat and watched TV all day! That’s not good for anyone. So I’ve been trying to push him to stay active – and it seems to be helping a little – I mean on Tuesday he went to the hall and built a coffin – you know, for the Haunted House! Jeez!

His main worry for the haunted house is that no one will show up. But, he reasons – quite sensibly, in my opinion – that putting the thing on means the artsy stuff is done and the props belong to the hall for as long as they last – thus, it is a valid exercise even if attendance is light. I look at him when he’s talking about it, and I get the feeling that he might add to the stock throughout the year, building walls etc that are light, authentic, and can be easily stored. Then again, he might not.

He has a job interview this morning. He says he’s of two minds about it. Of course, he needs an income – in his words, “this sittin’-on-me-arse-thing just doesn’t cut it”. But he really was hoping to stay independent since he felt that he did it well and it was definitely better money. I’m disappointed for him in that regard. Today’s interview is for a company, of course. He’s there now – I think he said the interview is at 1030am. Good luck, UJ!

Of course, failing that, he’s got another idea floating around in the ol’ bean. He has told me about it, but has sworn me to secrecy – except to say that it has to do with inventory. Heck, he hasn’t even told UM about it yet – I think it really is a last option for him to somehow stay in the business. I suspect if today’s thing amounts to nothing he’ll try for Plan C.

Anyway, I get to use the computer because he’s downtown. So the first thing I’ve done is teach Rolfe and Rufus how to turn the darn thing on! They’ve had a report due on Halloween for weeks – but haven’t been able to do it for obvious reasons. Now they have no excuse!

Anyway, that’s enough for now.



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