That’s the thing, isn’t it? Keep trying. UJ is teaching me that – little by little. He’s teaching me that it’s all worthwhile, that there are seldom simple solutions to anything, and that if you truly do want something then it’s worth going after. Valuable lessons.

UJ had another interview yesterday – for an opportunity that only arose on Monday. He says it went quite well – at least he feels good about it. Whether that translates into an offer or not remains to be seen, but he is very much at peace with how he did. He must have been at least somewhat okay, because apparently the interview lasted a whole hour-and-a-half, and ended with the phrase (from the interviewer) “I thoroughly enjoyed our chat.” So, here’s hoping that there’s a good outcome this time. I have instructed all Society members to cross their paws in hopes that UJ finds a good spot once again. He deserves it.

Starbucks is something of a kindergarten today, with all the Mommies taking the day for Remembrance, and not being able to leave the juniors at home. UJ went to show his car to a body shop this morning, (nothing major and not recent) and left me here to write my blog. He’s so considerate: he knows I’m behind a bit, so he gives me the opportunity to get caught up in a nice atmosphere. Of course, with all the juniors around – chirps, squeaks and dribbles – it’s not as quiet as usual, but it’s still nice. He bought me a bevvy before heading out – very nice, though the first sip almost burned my lips!

Happy to Be Here

A nice day today. Cool, but sunny. I maintain we’re two months behind in our weather this year. It’s been a weird year – or have I said that before?Society news? The main group is still good – strong. Snerky seems somewhat insecure, though, these days – always jumping up and down like a loony whenever UM gets home from work. Jeez, you’d think he had been away for six months! Eugene tells me he’s considering a website re-vamp… I tell him an update would be sufficient, since it hasn’t been touched in a very long time. In his defence, he was sick for a while – always tired and run-down. Now he’s like the Energizer Bunny! Ida Bear is about to bring out the latest numbers – she’s been conducting an audit for the past few weeks. The Bwossom story thing got put on hold – creative block or something and UJ – who helps us with those things – apparently had to apply his concentrations elsewhere. There’s new talk about another movie attempt – nothing complicated, just a little thing. We’ll see. I’ve put that in the hands of Snerk – the star and Director. Ida Bear’s impending announcement may affect whether there can be such projects in the future or not; clearly, Snerk’s hoping for good news. There’s a rumour going around that a couple of the critters are becoming something of an item – I don’t know the details, I’m afraid, but I’ll keep my ears to the ground. Aside from all that, life is going on pretty much as usual.I’d like to honour Remembrance Day today by casting a warm, grateful glow in the direction of all critters, large and small, who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom, and in defence of the simple lives we all hold so dear.

I’m very grateful for all my blessings.



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