Who dat?

Okay, so today we’re going to Edmonton again. UM bought a car last October but it needed new mudflaps and shocks, so now that that is done we can finally go and pick it up. I know, it sounds bad, but it’s the family shop, and there was just no pressure to get it done. Relative to the passing of Uncy Ar, it just wasn’t important.Rolfe has told me rather effusively how grateful he is to be here. Well, of course! When you get this gig you’ve hit the big time! He also told me that he tried to spot, yesterday, on the way here from the supermarket, but he couldn’t do it. After only a couple of moments, he got dizzy at how quickly everything was moving and he asked to get down by the console. Of course, UJ, being so thoughtful, obliged.

More later.



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