We had a tough job to do yesterday. We knew something was up when UJ first got out of bed. He made himself a big breakfast, you see, which is always a sign that he’s planning a busy day. And of course, we always seem to be busy on those days, too. “Oh boy,” said Snerkie, “I do hope I’m up to it!”

UJ’s instructions as he headed out into the back yard, were to not take our eyes off of Frieda and Annette, the two big cars, who happened to be outside in the back yard. And as it turned out, with all that he had to do, cleaning and polishing Ruby and Lucy, we were watching those girls all day long. It wasn’t until it was already dark – at about 8pm – that we were relieved of our duties. Personally, I’m proud of the work we did. It wasn’t our conventional spotting work, by any means, but between the three of us we pulled it off.

Ok, other news… UJ has an interview next week. It’s not everything his little heart desires, but he says he’s happy that there is at least some interest now. Of course, he does the math and it’s still only four months off work, but as he says, “What a long four months!” I think he’s gotten over the self-esteem thing, but the financial challenges aren’t lost on him. There’s another company interested, too, so he seems a bit lighter on his toes than he did. Being unemployed did cost him his position as President of his AAIA chapter (something about by-laws) but he says he’s not entirety convinced that’s a bad thing. Aside from anything else it has enabled him to step back into a role which he knows well – communications – and two days after switching roles he had the old website down and the new one up and congratulations coming from far and wide. Now there’s just the E-bulletin and he says he’s going to work on that today, after finishing his coffee, buying his outdoor timer thingy and getting his hair cut.

I’ve been watching UJ through all this – seeing how resilient he has to be – and something occurs to me… People are really funny creatures! They’re really not all that nice to each other most of the time, and I have to confess I find that quite strange. Some people are just weird, from my eyes. Some are hurtful. Some are just so darned intent on doing what they think they have to do that they just don’t seem to care who they hurt to get where they want to go. I’ve even heard of a thing called murder, though I think that’s just something from the movies because I really can’t believe that it happens in the real world.  Surely people can be nicer to each other than they are; they can be more generous, more kind, and therefore more deserving of generosity and kindness. I know I still have a lot to learn about how people function and what they really are, but that’s what I see so far.

Bravery UnabashedAnyway, it’s a lovely day here. Nice weather is expected again today, though it’s supposed to get cooler over the next few days. UJ and UM seem to be on top of all that – they’ve got most of their outdoor chores done.

Anyway, I guess I should get on with my day. There’s a meeting going on in the basement right now which Snick tells me I should be a part of – sorry, of which Snick tells me I should be a part. Halloween is coming – perhaps I should direct the energies of the basement folk to getting set up to receive the children and disperse the candy. It’s important work, you know.




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