Are you following my twittering? Look for @SidneyPrez; I used to think, “Who cares?” but you know it’s actually quite addicting. Anyway, Snerkie’s very pleased with himself today. UM happened to let slip the other day that he needs a stapler because his old one jams up so often. Well, Snerkie went immediately to Costco and, with his own money, bought a nice little rig that’s supposed to go effortlessly through 25 pages with the push of only one finger. He says he would have tried it to make sure, but it’s in its hard plastic bubble thing so he just has to admire it from the outside. He’ll see it when UM opens it up. He’s so excitable – he was to be seen, yesterday afternoon, running all over the house, giggling his little head off! He’s fun to watch when he gets like that. That’s what Christmas is all about – happiness in generosity.UJ has gone Christmas shopping today. He’s got to buy for AM in Toronto, and AD and UL in Newmarket. He’s already bought UM his present – ixnay, ixnay!

He’s torn about the employment thing right now, too. The insurance industry doesn’t seem to want him anymore – for what reason he cannot guess – and it’s really bothering him. He says all he ever did as an adjuster was work hard, work honestly, work earnestly, being diligent and caring for both his customers and his employers. Of course, he didn’t get along with absolutely everyone, but then, who the heck does? He’s trying not to be paranoid, but he believes that someone’s standing in his way – giving him a bad rap, as they so colloquially say. So the torn part is – does he keep banging his head against the wall, keep facing rejection in the insurance world, keep having bad days because of someone else’s half-formed opinions, or just say “oh, fubar”, and move on to something else? And if the answer is the second thing, then move on to what?

So you see, he’s conflicted. He told me the other day – he looked me right in the eye and said: “You know, Tidney [that’s what he calls me when he’s feeling maudlin], if I have adjusted my last claim because of other people’s designs, well, I can look back with pride on a solid 23 years of service to the industry and to the public.” And he’s right – what an excellent way to look at it!

So now I think his plan is to take some time, relax (he still has that Arizona trip booked for January – it was booked and paid for before he got laid off), then either start something on his own when he gets back, cutting his losses, or go into retail to learn the ropes. He still has in mind to open a store of some kind and says he would do so in a heartbeat if he won the lottery.

The universe will open again to him, I’m sure. He’s always been good to us and I think he deserves a break.

And that reminds me – I must remember to audit his very kind donation. Things have just been SO busy lately!

Anyway, my caramel macchiatto is finished. Time to sign off.




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