Not much sunshine around here just at the moment, nosiree, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. We critters are a lot like you – we need sunshine in varying doses to keep our coats healthy. But not too much! If we get too much we just tend to fade, and that’s not a good thing.

20120415-094649.jpgSnerk, Snick and I get as much sunshine as any in our Society – after all, we get to go spotting and we go to car shows and so on. Sometimes we even manage to work our way out into the back yard to lounge around on a nice summer day. Those are the best, helping UJ read or putter in the flower pots, and getting our vitaminic doses into the bargain.

Snerky enjoys the outdoors very much, but he gets a little nervous too. Being so small he doesn’t like it much when the crows fly over, and he even trembles when they sit on the roof of the garage, or on a nearby branch, just staring at him, hungrily, lasciviously, like he was some kind of snack. I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen Snerky, too, sidling closer to UJ to help him read his book. It’s funny to watch. Snerky just poked me in my arm – he doesn’t think it’s funny.

Anyway, with snow in the air there won’t be any concern with crows today. Instead we’ll be helping UJ with his exam preparation – just as soon as he can bring himself to stop procrastinating.


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