We have so much to do at the Society today. For one, our books are being audited and today is information provision day. I’ve had Rolfe and Rufus on collection and collation and I believe they’re just about ready. Actually, it’s 8am and I see them over there on the floor with the paperwork, looking very pleased with themselves.


I also need to talk to the director downstairs about putting the movie crew on hiatus. Frankly, they’ve been working on one scene from L’Our Brun for so long now that they’ve depleted a large percentage of our funds, and as President and Chief Dogsecutive Officer of the SPCSA at some point I have to put my paw down. Besides, I’ve had a request from UJ to use their camera for another project and when UJ needs something it really is hard for me to say no – and I don’t just mean because he’s bigger than me. Perhaps I’ll offer to rent it to him.

Of course, taking the camera from them means I’ll have to figure out something else for the basement crowd to do. I do have a notion that they could turn the movie into a stage play – which would continue to leverage their artistic talents, give them cause to rehearse, and generally keep them interested in stuff.

We’re also planning a new membership drive. If your critter would like to join the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals, have them send me an Email. We’re always interested in forming new Chapters.

Alright, breakfast is done, now it’s time to move on with the day. Please do enjoy yours.



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