Ooh, that was a tough weekend! We worked soooo hard – UJ had to do the lifting, of course, but we were running around like crazy, selling stuff and talking to people, and keeping things neat and tidy and well-ordered and presentable. There certainly was no time for fun and games, and no, we didn’t get to do any spotting the whole time.

Snerkie, catching a ride

Anyway, I caught this photo of Snerkie as he was hitching a ride out to help with the garage sale. He’s such an eager fellow – always looking to help out if he can. He’s pretty small, but he makes up for this with his eagerness, and he’s such a good sales person!The weather was perfect for it. Sunny and warm, but not too hot. Not too windy either, which is a good thing because at this time of year it’s pollen-palooza out there – with the pine trees, especially, blowing thick clouds of yellow dust all over the place. Uncy Jay sneezes like a Banshee out there, and even sometimes inside . He says he’s tired of it, but I know he’d rather put up with this than blowing snow. He sure is sick of the white stuff.

 UJ borrowed some money from our account to fund the garage sale. He hasn’t paid it back yet, but I understand it’s in the works. I haven’t decided yet to charge interest. Truthfully, it was so much fun that I would almost feel guilty if we made a profit! Anyway, I have a meeting with the Treasurer, Ida Bear, at 2pm, so I must go and prepare. Sidney

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