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Have you any idea how difficult it has been to get the typist to do his bit for this cause? Between some sort of illness (they never told us what it was) and the acquisition of a new pup (see rustyiam), and all the maintenance work he’s had to do here and at the ol’ community hall, it’s been worth our lives to get him to stand up to this particular responsibility.

I know, why on earth can’t I learn how to type? Wouldn’t that solve all my problems? Well, sure, but I have the fattest thumbs you’ve ever seen and try as I might I just can’t wrap them around the keyboard. Trying to get one of the smaller critters to type is equally vexing – I have to dictate one letter at a time so it takes all day! No, UJ is the best bet for getting something done. Today I managed to corner him and when we all jumped on him and held him down he agreed at last to be a bit more reliable with this. This is our only way of communicating with the outside world! If he’s not there for us, we’re basically stumped.

So I look forward to being a bit more “in your face” than I have been. I hope there’s someone out there, listening to us. We have a very important message to impart.

More very soon. Right UJ?