Well, he tried it again, but again we put him in his place. The very idea! Ridiculous!! How can we possibly pick up a snow shovel and push it so that it does what it was designed to do? In the first place, we’re not tall enough, and in the second place it’s just too heavy for us – and that’s before it’s got snow on it!

It’s snowing tonight – that’s why the matter even came up. Every year he ‘floats the idea’, and every year we shoot it down. Of course, I fully understand: he’s back in school, he hasn’t got time to do it himself, he needs help. But what on earth can we do?

No, I think we’ll have to stick to having society meetings and discussing the antics of the puppy, Rusty. Little fella was quite a handful at first, but I soon put him in his place!

Seems to be quite a lot of that going on, huh?




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